The OCMT Steering Committee advises the Lead Institution, Humber College, in relation to the implementation of the OCMT beyond Humber College itself. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Advising on the proposed charges for colleges for the use of the assessment and remediation resources;
  • Advising on the most appropriate strategy for promoting the use of the resources through the college system;
  • Reviewing the results of benchmarking studies conducted at Humber College;
  • Advising on strategies for involving the school and university sectors in using the OCMT resources;
  • Advising on priorities and mechanisms for the further development of the OCMT  resources;
  • Assisting Humber College in generating awareness of the OCMT  resources throughout the college system;
  • Making recommendations to CCVPA regarding the promotion, maintenance and analysis of the OCMT.


CCVPA Paula Gouveia (Cambrian College)
Lead Institution Paula Gouveia (Cambrian College)
Francophone Colleges To be determined 
Heads of Interdisciplinary Studies To be determined
Heads of Technology Shannon Claggett (Loyalist College)
Heads of Business Alvina Cassiani (Humber College)
Heads of Health Science To be determined
Heads of Upgrading To be determined
Heads of Apprenticeship To be determined
Ontario College Math Association Maria Sairoglou (Seneca College)
Ontario College Mathematics Council Michele Baron (Georgian College)
Ontario College Mathematics Council Emily Brown (Sheridan College)
College Sector Steering Committee For Adult Upgrading  Barb Glass (CSCAU)
K - 12 To be determined
K - 12 To be determined
Technology Partner Anand Karat (Vretta Inc.)