The College Student Achievement Project (CSAP) was built on a decade of research, deliberation and action in the College Mathematics Project (CMP), initiated in 2004. It was aimed at increasing student success and retention in the Ontario college system. The project included all 24 colleges (22 English language and 2 French language) and 72 district school boards in the province and was funded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and led by a team of researchers based at Seneca College.

The Assessment Development Project (ADP), proposed by the CSAP team, was for the development of an Assessment for Learning system. The CSAP team partnered with Vretta to develop the assessment database, diagnostic assessment, basic assessment and interactive, voice-enabled, remedial modules that were linked to the diagnostic assessment to enable students to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

In 2014, the system was field trialled by over 10,000 students in 16 colleges and 112 secondary schools in Ontario. The items were psychometrically analysed to ensure that the highest possible quality standards were met. In 2015, Humber College agreed to lead the implementation of the system (now called OCMT). Humber completed the benchmarking of the OCMT and has successfully launched the system for use in post-admission testing at the college.