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The OCMT contains 400 psychometrically analyzed assessment items that were rigorously validated through field trials involving approximately 10,000 students.

The items are both constructed response (written), to provide a more reliable estimate of student ability to accept a range of responses,  and selected response (multiple choice) types. The items are available in both English and French language.

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The remedial modules are mastery based resources that are designed using interactive pedagogies to help students visualize, conceptualize, and master core concepts in mathematics.

They break down concepts into micro-steps and use various feedback mechanisms to help students gain confidence in the subject.

They provide a personalized and individualized learning environment for students to excel in the subject.

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Diagnostic assessments ensure that all tests are unique for every test taker, equally difficult, equally representative of the content and performance expectation dimensions of the assessment framework, and both long enough to enable reliable estimates of test takers’ abilities but short enough to complete in a reasonable length of time.

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The Assessment Framework comprises two equally important dimensions which form the basis for test item validity analysis: (1) Content Topics: Whole numbers, Arithmetic, Integers, Decimals, Fractions, Ratio and Proportion, Percents, Basic Algebra, and Measurement (2) Performance Expectations: Corresponding to the broader goals of mathematics teaching and learning: (A) Knowing (B) Applying (C) Reasoning.